Do You Need to Move Out for a Foundation Repair?

January 6, 2022

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Foundation repair often requires at least some excavation around your property. A repair contractor can’t install underpinning or new weeping tiles without digging and accessing foundation concrete! Homeowners might then wonder if they need to move out during this work.

A homeowner typically does not need to move out during foundation repair. Even slab jacking or house leveling is not so extreme as to disturb residents inside the home. However, there are still some reasons why you might consider vacating the home while repairs are being performed.

Check out a bit more information that will help you make the best decision about staying home during foundation repair. You can also discuss your concerns with your repair contractor. He or she can advise on vacating the home or if work won’t be so disruptive that you should leave.

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Can You Fix a Foundation While Living in the House?

First, note that foundation contractors typically don’t need to access the house during repairs. Bowing basement walls or interior crack patching are usually the only exceptions. In turn, you don’t typically need to worry about being home to let in your contractors.

Also, the excavation needed for concrete foundation fixes shouldn’t cause excessive vibration or other disturbances. Contractors might need heavy-duty equipment for deeper foundations but this digging is not like breaking up concrete with a jackhammer!

However, some homeowners might find noise from this equipment and contractors on the property somewhat disruptive. This can be especially true if you work from home or otherwise need a measure of quiet! Children and pets also need to stay out from underfoot of the contractors. To ensure everyone’s comfort, you might then consider staying elsewhere during foundation repairs.

What Can I Expect From Foundation Repair?

Foundation concrete and basement walls might still show some cracks after repairs. In many cases, patching materials need to settle and cure, just like concrete. Foundation concrete itself might also need some time to settle, closing up those cracks.

Homeowners are typically advised to monitor cracks and other surface damage and note if they eventually close. Wait some 4-6 weeks before making cosmetic repairs, such as patching walls and ceilings. This will ensure those fixes last and look their best over time.

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Preparing for Foundation Repair

While foundation repair is not so disruptive that you need to leave, you might still take a few protective steps. Heavy machinery does create some vibration, so secure small and delicate items throughout the home. Takedown knick-knacks, houseplants, and other such items from shelves, and put them away securely.

Note, too, that excavation can produce airborne dirt and debris. You might cover valuable items or those you want to protect from dust. Make sure windows are closed securely, to help keep as much dust as possible out of the home!

As you want to avoid being underfoot with the contractors, note how you might exit and enter the home. If needed, remove cars from the garage and park them in the street or elsewhere. You’ll also want to ensure patio furniture, outdoor cookers, and other items are also out of the way of contractors!

How Long Do Foundation Repairs Take?

Some foundation repairs might take just one day! A foundation contractor might only need a few hours to attach carbon fiber straps to bowing basement walls. Waterproofing a small section of the foundation can also require just a few hours or only one full day.

Some repairs might need 2 to 3 days; for instance, deeper footings require more excavation. Waterproofing an entire foundation also requires more excavation, which means added time. Restoring landscaping and other such cleanups also requires more time after repairs are completed.

If you’re concerned about how long your property’s foundation fixes might take, talk to your contractor. He or she is probably accustomed to the question and can assure you of their expected timeframe for work completion.

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Foundation Repairs: Are They Worth It?

Foundation fixes are a vital investment for any property owner! While a home or commercial structure sitting on a weak foundation might not collapse, it can become unsafe. One reason for this is that foundation cracks let moisture into a structure. That moisture can risk unhealthy, damaging mold and mildew growth.

Moisture in the home also risks structural wood rot, which can lead to cracked wall studs and damaged subflooring. A weak foundation also risks cracks along walls and ceilings, buckled floors and loose floor tiles, and even roof damage.

The longer you ignore needed foundation fixes, the more extensive they get. Minor cracks can lead to severe leaks and a structure settling. In turn, a repair that would have otherwise cost a few hundred dollars might now run several thousand! Secondary damage such as wall and ceiling cracks also get more costly to fix the longer it’s ignored.

Should I Buy a House That Has Had Foundation Issues?

Many foundation repairs are permanent and protect a structure from future damage. Those fixes might not compromise a home’s overall stability or its value. Added waterproofing can also protect those repairs so that the home stays strong and stable over the years.

On the other hand, consider carefully buying a home with a damaged foundation. With proper repairs, the structure might be an excellent long-term value. However, you’ll want to ensure you understand the cost of fixing both the foundation and any secondary damage!

Potential homeowners should also ensure they understand what caused foundation damage in the first place. Overly moist soil added weight to the home, and other such issues can risk future foundation damage even after repairs. Consider the cost of these fixes along with addressing foundation issues. If you’re prepared to face these costs, the home might be a good purchase for you.

Peoria Foundation Repair & Waterproofing Pros is happy to bring this information about moving out during foundation repair to our readers. We hope it’s been helpful! Remember to talk to your repair professional if you still have questions. You can also call our Peoria foundation repair contractors for expert fixes on your property. We provide full-scale repairs including house leveling, underpinning, and leak repair. For more information, give us a call today!


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