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You've stumbled across the required basement foundation repair in Peoria at your home, and now you're panicking. It's a big job. You've probably heard about how important your foundation is to your structure. Not only does it keep your home on solid ground, but it keeps all of the features, including flooring, windows, doors, and drywall, from becoming damaged due to shifting or sagging problems. You don't have to worry about it too much, though, as long as you call on Peoria Foundation Repair & Waterproofing to assist you.

Our dependable, knowledgeable, and respectful foundation repair contractors have spent years doing countless foundation repair services, and we're prepared to tackle yours, no matter how challenging it is. We will send a qualified foundation inspector to your home to do a thorough assessment of the condition of your foundation. Then, we will give you a detailed report, including a customized price for our services. The rest is up to you.

We won't pressure you to decide or tell you that you need a foundation repair that isn't necessary. Instead, we share the facts and walk you through our findings to fully understand the ideal next steps.

Are you ready to get to the bottom of your basement foundation repair needs in Peoria? Call our office now!

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Why Should You Get Your Basement Foundation Repair in Peoria?

So many of the clients that we meet with have avoided their basement foundation repair Peoria for way too long. The common reason given is that they are concerned about the basement foundation repair cost. The advantage of paying the price for your repair is that your home will become more valuable after. That goes along with the peace of mind that your home is on safe and stable ground.

Our contractors have seen the benefits of basement foundation repairs, and here are just a few for you to think about:

  • Time-saving - you can spend a lot of time paying attention to a foundation issue. If we fix it, there's not another second wasted.
  • Prevents interior flooding - basement foundation cracks allow moisture, leading to severe and expensive construction issues.
  • Saves your lawn - if your basement foundation isn't in the proper condition, your yard may flood, and that's a problem that can require extensive renovations.
  • Energy-efficiency - with your basement adequately sealed off, you won't lose energy from heating and cooling equipment.

As you can see, the advantages of getting your basement leak repair in Peoria far outweigh the initial cost. If you're interested, we have several financing options that can help you get what you need. Learn more about them when you call our crew.

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Waiting for Too Long for a Foundation Repair is Catastrophic. Call Our Foundation Repair Contractors!

Still not convinced that you need a basement foundation repair in Peoria yet? The stress of the cost, the intrusion on your privacy with contractors coming in, and the concern for how things will end up are enough to leave anyone anxious. However, you should consider the consequences of avoiding this home improvement task.

Before you push your foundation repair to the bottom of your to-do list, here are some signs of foundation issues you should know about what can happen to your home:

  • Framing issues, including the buckling of main supports
  • Roof issues like leaks and the need for premature replacement
  • Poorly functioning windows and doors
  • Water damage in the basement to floors, walls, and your belongings

If you're not sure about the basement foundation crack you're seeing, our foundation contractors will let you know. Some of them aren't a problem and are simply the result of normal shifting after your home was built. We give you the truth about what we examine, and you will feel 100% comfortable before we start. Check out our blog for some helpful information, then give us a call.

wet basement before foundation repari in Peoria
finished basement after basement foundation repair in Peoria

Peoria Foundation Repair & Waterproofing Pros Lead the Way

Peoria Foundation Repair & Waterproofing didn't become the number-one foundation repair company in the region by accident. We've proven that we can easily perform even the most complicated foundation repair services. We put you first and always work with you to find you something that can be done that suits your problem and fits your budget.

As a locally owned and operated business, we can give you the personal attention that others don't have time for. When you trust us with your home, we overdeliver at every corner. Relax knowing that we're fully licensed and insured. If something goes wrong, which is highly unlikely, we cover the associated losses and manage all liability.

We're so confident in our abilities that we include a warranty on the products used and labor provided. Any defects are handled at no additional charge. Find us when searching for basement foundation repair near me. Then schedule your initial assessment today and get the answers to your foundation repair needs.



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The foundation repair contractors we met were friendly, they worked quickly, and the cost was reasonable. Now we know for sure that our foundation is in a reliable condition again.
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Dealing with foundation failure, or any foundation problem that creates structural issues is stressful. Your uneven floors, bowing basement walls, and water damage headaches can be eliminated once and for all with our expert solutions. Peoria Foundation Repair is a foundation repair company in Peoria that does it all for your structure's foundation. Not only do we fix problems after they've already occurred, but we also help with preventative measures to keep your foundation stable. Ask about our basement waterproofing, sump pump installation, French drain options, crawl space services, and more!

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When it comes to your foundation repair needs, there's no room for error. Our results are flawless, long-lasting, and you can get any foundation service, waterproofing, crawl space repair, or drainage solution at a fair price. Call us at (309) 322-6979
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